EL Slim Comp. G


The finish options are Grey Elm and Lacquered White. Mirror panels can be customized with digital printing.
* The optional shoe-storage has five compartments and one door.

Slim is a collection of modular pieces ranging from mirrored panels to cabinets, including small consoles and shelves, mirrors and shoe cabinets.

– Panel: H:82″ (208cm); L:16.5″ (42cm);
– Storage unit: H:82″ (208cm); L:19.75″ (50cm); D:10.75/18.5″ (27/47cm);
– Shoe cabinet: H:82″ (208cm); L:18.25″ (46cm); D:9″ (23cm);
– Storage box: H:6.75″ (17cm); L:25.5″ (65cm); D:8.25″ (22cm);

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