BA3015/S 9L


Collection with entirely hendcrafted glasses made with Murano techniques.
Finish: chrome.
Glass available in clear only.
Frame available in different sizes.

BA3015/S 9L
Bulbs: 9 G9 x 60W
D 23 1/2'' (60cm)
H 47 1/2'' (120cm) adjustable

BA3015/S 7L
Bulbs: 7 G9 x 60W
D 14 1/4'' (36cm)
H 47 1/2'' (120cm) adjustable

BA3015/ PN (single pendant)
Bulbs: 1 G9 x 60W
D 6'' (15cm)
H 39 1/2'' (100cm) adjustable

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