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Crystal Chandeliers

Looking for Crystal Chandeliers in Toronto: Orion Lighting is your Destination

Crystal Chandeliers Toronto

Give your home a touch of elegance and sophistication with beautiful and classy crystal chandeliers from Toronto’s Orion Lighting. A crystal chandelier by Toronto’s Orion Lighting, installed in the middle of your living or dining room helps give it an aura of warmth with the appealing illumination it provides.  

Elegance of Crystal Chandeliers from Toronto Orion Lighting

A Crystal chandelier is the best type of embellishment you can get to make a room in your home shine. Your visitors will get to appreciate these ceiling pieces being the central ornament in your home. Choosing the perfect crystal chandelier in Toronto depends on a variety of reasons. Here are some points to consider in getting the perfect chandelier:

  • You must consider the room where you should put it in. If you are thinking of a dining room chandelier, you should opt for a chandelier with 200-400 wattage in total, spread among its light pieces. This will lessen the glare of the lights on people’s faces during meal time.
  • The size of the chandelier should be appropriate for the size of a room. It must not overwhelm a place and should only be there as a decorative piece. Therefore it should be about half the diameter of your dining table.
  • To balance your chandelier with the space it will be installed in, you should hang your chandelier appropriately. It should be placed in the center of the room and its length from the ceiling should not be shorter than 3 feet but not more than 3 feet.
  • Install a dimmer switch for your chandelier to help balance the light it emits.
  • Match it with the room’s overall decor. Crystal chandeliers fit elegantly decorated homes and spaces. So before thinking of installing a chandelier for your home, you should consider the type of interior furnishings you already have. Take a photo of your dining room with you when buying a chandelier so that experts can help you choose the right one. You can also get a decorator to help you decide.

Different Types of Crystal Chandelier Toronto

There are a lot of crystal chandelier shapes, designs, styles and makes to choose from. But the types of crystal chandeliers are decided by the type of crystals they are made of. Having fully embellished with crystals, a crystal chandelier is of course pricey. But it will always deliver to any home the touch of sophistication that is wanted from it. Crystal chandelier Toronto offers you the following types of chandeliers to choose from:

  • Legacy Crystal Chandeliers. With its more authentic look, the legacy crystals are preferred by most home decorators nowadays. These crystals are made in Venice, molded then fire-finished in a kiln. They have a unique antique look to them which makes them as priced pieces.
  • Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers. This crystal grade offers chandeliers a high degree of brilliance, making the chandeliers attractive. Having an undying passion to cutting and creating perfect crystal pieces, the Swarovski Company made their way into the crystal production and is now a recognized leader in the said industry. They also offer a variety of colors, making any Swarovski crystal chandelier beautiful.
  • Vintage Crystal Chandeliers Toronto. These unique chandeliers are usually adorned with pieces inspired by vintage jewelries which add to its overall charm. Antique shops usually carry such chandeliers in their collection.
  • Hand Cut Crystal Chandeliers. The crystals in this type of chandeliers are cut by master craftsmen. Each chandelier is unique; with the buyer choosing the type of crystals that fits their personal style best.
  • Rock Crystal Chandeliers Toronto. Taking millions of years to form, these rare and natural rock crystals are prized by collectors. The raw crystals mined are then meticulously cut and polished by skilled gem cutters, making these pieces more valuable. The crystals in these types of chandeliers create a feel of coolness yet ancient look to any room.
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