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Bathroom Lighting

Getting the Perfect Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Starting your day right always comes with a timely trip to the bathroom. Having your bathroom and vanity area properly lit is then a must. Proper bathroom lighting gives your bath area the feel of cleanliness and comfort. Getting the perfect set of bathroom lighting fixtures will help illuminate your bath routines altogether.

Lighting Up Your Bathroom in Style

It is important that you give your bathroom lighting options enough consideration. Aside from having it as a place to take baths and freshen up, you also use the bathroom to apply your makeup, shave and polish up your look for the day. Check out this selection of stylish lighting options that work best in bathrooms:


  • Wall Sconces and Lights. Our selection of wall lights includes sconces, brackets and lamps. Whichever you prefer, these lights are all ideal for overhead lighting while complementing and accenting your bath’s walls.
  • Strip Lights. To get a simple but effective way of lighting up your bath and vanity area, then this is the perfect solution. Strip lights are great in reducing shadows, making them good bathroom lighting fixtures for your vanity and mirror. You can also use globes and upturned or downturned cups, all of which works best with halogen or fluorescent bulbs.
  • Recessed Overhead Lights. Pot lights are good for general or task lighting and are best installed above the shower area or a vanity drawer to make your daily grooming routine an easy task. You should also consider the type of light bulb and the wattage to use to make recessed lights work best for your bathroom lighting.

Illuminating Your Bathroom the Right Way

In choosing the best bathroom lighting fixtures, there are several things to consider making sure that you get the right set of illumination for your pampering area. The following tips will make it easier for you to decide on how to get the best bathroom lighting solutions. Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Toronto
  • Consider the size of your bathroom. A small bathroom can make do with one lighting fixture, while bigger ones can't. The bigger the space, the more lights you should set.
  • Lights should be installed strategically in the different parts of the bathroom to illuminate the room effectively and reduce shadows.
  • More lighting should be placed for baths with no window than those that have none.
  • Choose bathroom lighting fixtures that complement your bathroom's design.
  • Choose the right location for your bathroom lights so as to avoid creating shadows that might make your lighting solution ineffective.
  • For small rooms, light strips are the better option to be placed above the mirror which will help prevent uneven lighting.
  • Bright white bulbs will help provide the best possible lighting.
  • To be able to adjust the lighting in the room as needed, dimmer switches should be available.
  • To reduce shadows and glare that other bulbs create, frosted bulbs are better options.
  • To conserve energy, opt into using fluorescent and halogen bulbs. They also last longer and shine brighter.
No matter what type of bathroom lighting fixtures you decide to choose, placing the lights properly within the confined spaces of your bath area should still be a primary consideration. This will help maximize the energy used for the lights and make your lighting fixtures work at their best.


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EF 25722-017
1 light wall sconce with a solid glass fixture and chrome base. Beautiful design and finish.
EF 25723
3 Light Bathbar. Solid glass cups with a rectangular chrome finished base. Excellent source of lighting.
Talo 5 Light Bathbar
Opal white glass
Talo 5 Light Bathbar
Opal white glass
4 Light Bathbar. Solid glass cups with a rectangular chrome finished base. Excellent source of lighting.

5 Light Bathbar. Solid glass cups with a rectangular chrome finished base. Excellent source of lighting.
Fonte- 3 Light Bathbar
Polished Chrome with faceted crystal beading.
Polished chrome with faceted crystal beading
PR4148 Matte Nickel.
PR4578 Clear Glass.
PR5078 Amber Glass, Dark Brown frame.
PR5478 Chrome