Decorative interior lighting Not to use the aesthetic and decorative potential of the original lighting fixtures in the interior of the kitchen is simply inexcusable. The decision to pick a specific lamp should be based on the stylistic solutions in the kitchen. The light fixture should harmoniously complement the overall design, bring some new fresh

It is impossible to create harmonious interior without properly chosen lighting that would correspond to the specifics, the focus and the overall design of the room. Kitchen and dining areas are special places in the house; here we prepare food or welcome guests, and sometimes, when we are alone, enjoy the silence with a cup

Effect of LED lighting on the human body

In Orion Interiors Inc. our main concern is to provide our clients all the needed information in order for them to make a smart purchase that will not only enhance the look of their interior but also will help them with maintaining a healthy environment. In the following article we will try to explain the

Chandelier is an important element of any interior, in which it performs a variety of functions – decorates, emphasizes the style of the interior, gives light and shine. How to transform a room and make it more elegant and luxurious? Sometimes, it is enough to simply hang a beautiful chandelier and the room will start sparkling

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